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Canada's Defence Deployments

  Korean War (1950–1953) - UN Mandate - Keeping South Korea Free - 26,000 Canadians involved - 312 killed
Deployment to the Former Yugoslavia

The largest number of Canadians to serve in a UN mission in the region at any one time was 2,000. Canadian Armed Forces members found themselves in a full-fledged war zone where peacekeeping troops had to engage in firefights to try to fulfill their missions In the Balkans, 23 Canadians lost their lives in the various missions and many more were injured.

  Operation Medak Pocket
  Operation Medak Pocket - keeping belligerants separate in the former Yugoslavia and trying to prevent ethnic cleansing
  Canadian Encyclopedia on the Medak Pocket Operation:
  CBC: Ghosts of Medak Pocket - PSTD
  United Nations Protection Force (UNIFOR) (September 1993) - 875 members of 2PPCLI Battle Group
  RCAF: The Campaign against terrorism begins (1989-PRESENT)
Deployment to Afghanistan

One hundred and fifty-eight (158) Canadian Armed Forces members lost their lives in service while participating in our country’s military efforts in Afghanistan.

  Waging Peace: Canada in Afghanistan FULL DOCUMENTARY
Deployment in World War II

More than one million Canadians and Newfoundlanders served in the military — more than 45,000 gave their lives and another 55,000 were wounded.

  Timeline: Canada in the Second World War
Deployment in World War I

  WWI:For King and Empire Ep 1- Poison Gas Attack
  WWI: The Canadian Corp win their most famous victory of the Great War sweeping the Germans off their previously impregnable fortress on Vimy Ridge.
  WWI: The military career of General Sir Arthur Currie
  WWI: General Currie: Passendale
  WWI General Arthur Currie