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Canada's Advisory Council on Economic Growth

The Advisory Council Chair (UBC Grad and Oxford Rhodes Scholar) Dominic Barton has worked closely with leaders, including those from South Korea, Singapore and Colombia, to develop domestic growth plans. The council is to help the government prepare a long-term growth strategy to be released by the end of the year

The advisory council will defacto have a good deal of impact on Canada's nascent geopolitical strategy for dealing with the extreme challenges of the next several decades where the western world's cultural, political and legal values will come under pressure from internal and external forces.

The principal conundrum for Canadian economic policy makers is the wild card which the radical Presidency of Donald Trump represents - and the problem of they don't know what they don't know. "It is a Bayesian problem"


Canadian Federal Government Advisory Council on Economic Growth

The Advisory Councilís Second Report - February 2017

  Executive Summary
  Unlocking Innovation to Drive Scale and Growth
  Building a highly skilled and resilient Canadian workforce through the FutureSkills lab
  Unleashing the growth potential of key sectors
  Positioning Canada as a global trading hub
  Tapping economic potential through broader workforce participation

The Advisory Councilís first report - October 2016

  Executive Summary
  Unleashing Productivity Through Infrastructure
  Bringing Foreign Investment to Canada
  Attracting the Talent Canada Needs Through Immigration

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