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Canada's Defence Strategy

It has been suggested that "The Defence strategic priorities for several decades have been Canada, North America and then either NATO or the UN depending on the flavor of the government, or both". These are priorities but they do not constitute strategy. They are merely a set of "spending" priorities.

Rethinking Canadian Defence Strategy is inordinately complicated by the fact that US Defense Strategy is in disarray and its doctrine in serious need of a top to bottom rethink. For those doubting this I recommend review of recent Senate Armed Services Hearings chaired by Senator McCain who has also noted: �Chinese R&D levels are projected to surpass the United States in 2022.�

Canada like the U.S. is having a very difficult time in reorienting its thinking to include rapid change in the cybersphere and the full implications of the AIification of our economy and all aspects of military strategy and operations. Defence doctrine needs to be re-written. Organization needs to be rethought. The world has changed.

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