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Canada's Disposition of Geopolitical Assets - diplomatic, international assistance, peace operation, commercial & trade, military, alliances and family ties

This is a snapshot of Canada's geopolitical strategy based on current disposition of assets. Ground truths are always found in the numbers not in "visons", "public statements" and "demonstrations".

Canadians and the world often underestimate this country. Canada has only 38 million people to Russia's 143 million (38/143) but its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 1837 USD while Russia's GDP is only 2230 USD.

The ratio of GDP's (1837/2230) 80.4% suggests Canada's "carrying capacity" for global public duties - civilian and military is thus a good deal more than commonly acknowledged - if there is political will.. In the decades ahead it is likely that Canada will overtake Russia in GDP.

Canada's geopolitical assets include a variety of soft and hard power concepts.

(Note: This section is "Under construction")

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  Diplomatic Assets
  International Assistance Assets
  Peace Operations Assets
  Commercial and Trade Assets
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